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Nashville Software School Cohort E16

Come see us demo on 6/23/22!

Our experience at NSS has already been life-changing for many of us. Not only have we been well prepared for the beginning of our new careers, we have learned to be comfortable in the uncomfortable, how to solve complex problems and ask for help when needed, and built a network of diverse, talented, and caring developers. None of this would have been possible without our incredible team of instructors. Dr. T, Trinity, Aja, Brian, Dylan, and Jameka, thank you so much for your knowledge, time, and patience throughout this last year.

Thank you also to the NSS staff! Marla, Ashley, and Zap. You guys keep things moving smoothly and we appreciate all of your hard work!

We are grateful for John Wark and his vision for Nashville Software School. We wouldn't be here without you!

Finally, a huge thank you to Mary Beth Hunter, Madden Purcell, and Grace Sutherland for planning and creating this site!